hi friends,

flowers everywhere and the fresh spring sun is like a tender touch on our skin. lovely may is all around and we have a great soundtrack for the upcoming summer for you.

we welcome “oeilvert” a new artist from moscow on ccrec. check out “our time”, oeilvert´s first release on ccrec. four very warm and beautiful deep house tracks. great tunes with heartbeat beats and fantastic melodies. official release date is the 9th of may in all shops. prelisten the files on the release page.

don´t miss to listen to deep conscious. he comes around again with his second ep on ccrec.
“force majeure” is a fusion of warm deep house, clean techno and a taste of acid. big beats for the club and your headphones as well.

still fresh, ccrec_060, the “daily waveforms” by colchev.
four very minimal, deep and warm house sounds with elegant beats and flowing melodies.

check out ccrec_059, the “pangaea” ep by detroit based djane “gabi”,
an outstanding minimal house 4 track ep with delicate sounds and deep soul.

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we wish you a great time and great listening moments.

stay close to ccrec.

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c-c-rec_062 commercial release

oeilvert_our time

the sound is like a warm hug. flowing melodies like the morning dew on a warm summer morning. more …

c-c-rec_061 commercial release

deep conscious_force majeure

moving sounds like a deep warm tube with a breeze of acid. more …

c-c-rec_060 commercial release

colchev_daily waveforms

it is quiet everywhere. just the shadow of the light is a small noise in the area that surrounds us. more …

c-c-rec_059 commercial release


particularly well-shaped sound waves and clear rhythms caress our ears. more …

c-c-rec_058 commercial release

polarproject_plastic night

night is falling down on the day. just take your way on the freeway to the city lights. more …